Sticks and Stones – The Power of Words

What does the Bible Say?

“Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body…” James 3:5-6

Words have power. People can do terrible damage to their families, themselves, and those around them with mean, hurtful and thoughtless words.  But did you know God is there with kind, loving words for those who have been hurt.

Here are some resources if you have been hurt or find yourself hurting those around you:

A Heart-to-Heart on Profanity

Are words just words? Or do they actually mean something? Although profanity is considered normal in our culture today, David Chadwick shows that the Bible doesn’t consider it normal at all. Join him as he challenges us to use our words to honor God and build up others around us.

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Controlling the Tongue

David Chadwick teaches on the incredible power that our words hold–the power to either encourage or destroy. We’ll learn that the words that come out of our mouth are an indication of our hearts.

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Words That Heal

Our words can be so cruel. Used wrongly, they can discourage people, cut open the heart and destroy someone’s self-confidence–even ignite a fire and drive crowds to violence. And once they’re spoken, they can never be recalled. Words enter our ears and burrow themselves deep into our hearts … often never to be forgotten. It’s little wonder that the Bible instructs us to control our tongues. Inspired by James 3:1-12, and filled with 40 engaging stories and dozens of relevant Scriptures, this book encourages you to use your speech positively–speaking kindness, sharing words that heal, expressing love, and praising God.

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Wherever you are today, know this: God is with you. Discouraged, depressed, devastated by life’s events? God is with you. Broken body, brokenhearted, broken spirit? God is with you. Moving too fast, moving too slow, on hold? God matches your pace. At a crossroad wondering which way to go? Let his hand guide you. Living with fear, dread, anxiety? Let his hand of peace hold you fast.

Even if you want to run from God, there is no use trying. You will always run right into his presence.

These pages will help you discover rock-solid faith in a quaking world!

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For Spouses:
THE POWER OF WORDS: Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Spouse

Our words have the power to build up and the power to destroy. Marilynn Chadwick shares what it means to truly honor your husband with your words. And David Chadwick shares his heart about the importance of being a man of God.

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